Welcome to Industrial Packaging


PT Difa Kreasi is a Local Company with Global Spirit and established since 1996 with the phases in the progress to develop the Company. Our Commitment is to make high quality product to respond a global competition with customer satisfaction guaranty and increase the productivity of works.


In anticipation of further development technology and Business competition in the printing & packaging, we effort with Management consolidation & supported with a reliable & with high-quality human resources which represent the most valuable cpmpany's asset & the responsibility about a company progress.


Our Products :

  • Corrugated Boxes.
  • Carton Pallet.
  • Infraboard.
  • Honey Comb Carton.
  • Partition Carton.
  • Single Face Carton.

Corrugated Box

Carton Pallet



Honey Comb Carton

Single Face Carton

Quality Assurance


Quality tidak dimulai dari meja inspeksi atau hanya dengan mengandalkan QC saja tetapi jauh dimulai dari material dan proses produksi

Team Quality

Difa Kreasi dengan pengalaman dan Team Quality yang terlatih memastikan setiap step produksi selalu diverifikasi supaya sesuai dengan quality yang diminta oleh Customer

ISQ (In-Station Quality)

Difa Kreasi juga menerapkan ISQ (In-Station Quality) concept dimana setiap proses dimulai dengan pengecekan oleh setiap operator dari proses tersebut(Difa Kreasi ISQ)